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Farrah Abraham On The Soup: When Did You Decide To Be A Teen Mom?!

"It's more like peeing on a hard life ahead," Farrah responded. In on the joke or not, you gotta had it to her on that quote. Abraham, who recently got her chin implant removed , has had one heck of a run since first becoming a quasi-star on MTV's Teen Mom years ago. None of her cohorts can match her penchant for shamelessly cashing in on her fame in any way possible, be it shilling for strip clubs or filming actual porn.
Source: http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2013/10/farrah-abraham-on-the-soup-when-did-you-decide-to-be-a-teen-mom/

Farrah Abraham's 'Girls And Corpses' Cover Might Frighten You

1, 2013 Farrah Abraham Previews Girls and Corpses Magazine Cover (PHOTO) By Mehera Bonner Courtesy WetPaint.com The day we've been dreading waiting for is finally upon us. A sneak peek at Farrah Abraham 's groundbreaking spread in macabre magazine Girls and Corpses has just been revealed, which means those of you who want nothing more than to see Farrah fondling a dead body are in luck! Check out this beautiful and totally classy (albeit grainy) photo of Farrah wearing a skimpy bikini while chilling out with a rotting body. Remind you of anything?
Source: http://www.ajc.com/feed/entertainment/farrah-abraham-previews-girls-and-corpses-magazine/fWGgz/

James Deen Talks Farrah Abraham 'Drama Train' Porno

Now, with this latest procedure, Abraham has had five surgeries in three years. "Yes, it's true," Dr. Michael Salzhauer told Radar Online . "We had been emailing back and forth that she was uncomfortable with the size of the chin implant.
Source: http://global.christianpost.com/news/farrah-abraham-surgery-teen-mom-undergoes-new-surgery-to-remove-chin-implant-105734/

Farrah Abraham kicked out of rehab program early for 'disruptive' behavior: report

Its disgusting if you let it go crazy. Michael Douglas "God bless her, [Catherine Zeta-Jones] likes older guys," Douglas told AARP. "And some wonderful enhancements have happened in the last few years -- Viagra, Cialis -- that can make us all feel younger." Robert Downey Jr. TMI! "I was a compulsive, serial masturbator," the actor confessed, adding, "I utilized that organ and rode it for everything it was worth." Angelina Jolie I am very lucky with Brad, she told the Telegraph. He is a real gentleman, but he is also a real mans man.
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/02/farrah-abraham-girls-and-corpses_n_4029327.html

Farrah Abraham Surgery: 'Teen Mom' Undergoes New Surgery to Remove Chin Implant

"Her behavior became challenging," a Radar source said. infusny-246/248/INFphoto.com Farrah Abraham was released from the Lukens Institute on Monday night, two days shy of completing her 10-day program, RadarOnline reports. Among her alleged offenses, Abraham reportedly got into arguments with staff, bullied fellow patients, made outlandish demands and invited paparazzi to take pictures of her. Case in point: the reality star donned a tiny pink bikini as she posed for paparazzi on the beach during her day off from rehab on Sunday.
Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/farrah-abraham-booted-rehab-disruptive-behavior-article-1.1393705

Despite Abrahams protests, Deen was adamant that the video was simply a business arrangement. Everybodys trying to make it this story, but really [Farrah] wanted to make a sex tape, Deen said . Abraham was not happy with Deens unwillingness to play along and began bashing him in the press. He was gentle because I made him be gentle, but I think in life he has more anger issues which makes him not so gentle, Abrahams said . She even went so far as to say Deen was poorly suited for the porn industry, saying , He should really just get out of the porn industry because things have gotten to his head, he disrespects women and his penis is small. In a recent interview, Deen spoke at length about his professional dealings with Abraham.
Source: watch Farrah Abraham full video href='http://uinterview.com/news/james-deen-talks-farrah-abraham-drama-train-porno-8927' >http://uinterview.com/news/james-deen-talks-farrah-abraham-drama-train-porno-8927

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