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'teen Mom' Stars Catelynn Lowell And Farrah Abraham Engage In Twitter Feud - Baltimore Celebrity Headlines | Examiner.com

Kate Middleton Bare Bottom Picture Hits The Internet (Photo) Earlier this month, Abraham slammed her former " Teen Mom " stars, claiming they continue to make "poor choices," and a short time later, nearly all of the former "Teen Moms" reacted. However, even weeks after Abraham's interview with Starcasm , the drama has continued, and yesterday, Abraham addressed the issue on Twitter. "Over #TeenMomDrama @radar_online Glad I moved on #DoorSlammed," Farrah wrote on June 18. "[I]wish those #StillTeens all the best when your not a Teen #QuitPlayin." In response to the tweet, Catelynn said , "@F1abraham @radar_online she's just mad because WE are classy and don't sell our bodies lmao she's the one who needs to grow up." At this point, everyone is well aware that Farrah is pretty delusional when it comes to her own behavior. Although she has starred in two sex tapes, designed sex toys and written a sex tape trilogy, Abraham thinks of herself as a good example and great mom. Many would beg to differ -- but that's still how she thinks. Lowell, on the other hand, Abrahams sex tape has a respectable job, helping developmentally disabled adults in her town, and continues to raise awareness about teenage pregnancy. For the most part, fans seem to be siding with Lowell in this argument, which isn't at all surprising.
Source http://www.examiner.com/article/teen-mom-stars-catelynn-lowell-and-farrah-abraham-engage-twitter-feud

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